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BIKRAM YOGA EL PASEO is turning DOWN the heat and turning UP the MUSIC with a fun, new schedule for our NEW 2017-2018 SEASON!!

Coming this Season we have added a new (less) HEATED work out to our already amazing BIKRAM YOGA Repertoire! Like Bikram Choudhury who healed his body naturally with a specific series of Hot Yoga Asanas after being told by Physicians that he would never walk again, Joseph Pilates also rebuked traditional Medical Doctors dire prognosis.

This new workout really resonates with Bikram Yogis like nothing that has come into vogue thus far!!

Using traditional Pilates Principals, AND the heated environment WE LOVE about Bikram Yoga because we know it accelerates all the amazing healing benefits, ALONG WITH High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), in JUST one hour the student gets the greatest amount of workout with LOW IMPACT!

This new hit HIIT workout is INFERNO HOT PILATES ‚ĄĘ !!! At 95 degrees its a warm welcome!! (Notice the smiles ūüėČ )


Touted as a bridge between cross fit and Yoga, the student can now get pumped up the way they do in Cross fit without beating up their body!

All this workout is put to fun,energetic music that will put a smile on your face while you are shaping your booty, flattening your belly,and defining your triceps!

Our first and always Love, Bikram Yoga is performed in a heated room of 105 degrees and 40 Percent humidity and is THERAPEUTIC in nature. A MUST BASELINE exercise to keep your Internal Organs,muscles and glands in proper functioning order. This amazing yoga affords you the ability to go out and cross train with other fitness disciplines without hurting yourself. The 90 minute pure prescription keeps your immune system in check and strengthens your cardiovascular system. The special 60 minute class gives you a great sampling of the strategic asanas if you are under time constraints. Regardless, Bikram Yoga affords one the greatest medical benefits without injury. How often do you go to work out and say, “YAY, I”m going to work out my digestive system today to get rid of bloating!” BUT- you do JUST that!


You do just that and more in Bikram Yoga, but if that’s not glamorous enough for you we added a workout that will have you saying, “YAY, I’m working on my six pack abs and shapely booty today!”

With the Heat already in place we add Inferno Hot Pilates ‚ĄĘ as a wonderful compliment to the Bikram Series that is a fun way to maintain your core integrity, lengthen your muscles and add definition to your body.

With all this Yang we are in need of a little Yin! Starting this Sunday, YIN YOGA moves to Sunday following our popular Sunday Silent full prescription Bikram Yoga class, and students are encouraged to stay for another amazing experience to stretch their bodies and minds at a slower pace.


Whether your in the mood for Yin, Yang or Both, I hope to see you in the hot room soon! Until then, think positive, hug your family and friends, and spread the love!




When you focus your energy on gratitude everything changes in your life. You no longer sweat the small stuff, you gain a greater appreciation and awareness for the many amazing gifts you already have, and you realize that channeling your energies on your blessings while helping others is actually an enlightened way to live.

For years Bikram Yoga El Paseo encouraged students to make positive changes in their life. We encouraged them to change their body, change their minds and change their lives by challenging themselves to a thirty day commitment of Bikram Yoga classes. Thirty days of anything is habit forming. Thirty days of Bikram yoga affords the student a notable difference in their physiological well being, in their physical looks, their mental acuity and their overall confidence to enter their new life thirty days later in a greater positive light.

A few years ago we took it a step further. Why not help others while we were bettering ourselves?

Our Thirty Day CHARITY Challenge was Born!


We raised money for a little boy who lost his leg in an accident to be able to afford a prosthetic leg, and we funded an Ovarian Cancer Research program that was near and dear to our hearts as one of our own lost her mother to the disease.

This year we will focus our efforts on the catastrophic flood disaster that Hurricane Harvey left behind in Texas. What an amazing amass of support has descended on Texas from all parts of our country. Here at Bikram Yoga El Paseo we endured our own flooding that at the time seemed huge. It was a setback, and the repairs took way longer than expected, and on a smaller scale our own Yoga community reached out to lend a helping hand either by physically helping remove flood water, moving us into a temporary location and then back again into our remodeled space, or keeping the faith and the support of the studio.

Today Bikram Yoga El Paseo would like to help the people of Texas that fell prey to the devastation that Hurricane Harvey and it’s subsequent tropical storm created. Our annual thirty day charity challenge will focus on a commitment to join the rest of the country to do our small part in contributing to the ongoing aide towards the people who have lost their homes and their personal belongings.

Our thirty day charity challenge starts October 1st and we will once again obtain pledges and raise charity money for this years designated cause – AIDE to HURRICANE/TROPICAL STORM HARVEY VICTIMS. If you would like to enter this challenge or pledge one of our challengers to raise money for this cause your efforts will be gratefully appreciated. The thirty day challenge costs $99 and a pledge requirement of 5 supporters. IF you are a brand new student we welcome you at our New Student Super special rate of just $49 with the same pledge requirement.


Change your body, change your mind, change your life AND HELP OTHERS CHANGE THEIR LIFE!

Hope to see you in the hot room soon!


WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN……… It’s our MO….. (Male Optional ;-) )

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BIKRAM YOGA EL PASEO¬†¬†is calling out to ¬† ¬†ALL¬† WOMEN ¬†WHO EMPOWER OTHER WOMEN TO BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE!! ¬† ¬† Stay tuned for an exciting new series of events that is designed to help women in every aspect of their lives! ¬†We are shouting out to all the AMAZING ¬†WOMEN out there who have something to give ¬†to ¬†LEARN, ¬†SUPPORT, ¬†GROW ¬†and FLOURISH together. ¬† WOMEN ¬†EMPOWERING ¬†WOMEN ¬†~ ¬†SISTERHOOD…… it’s our MO (Male Optional so we just may be inviting the guys sometime……..)

Follow us on Facebook  to get all the details of this exciting new program as well as other events coming up for the season in our studio!!

“OM SWEET OM” Gratitude Open House was a huge success thanks to the resilient Yogis who left their air conditioned homes to come out in the RECORD heat to the “HOT ROOM” that ‘SURPRISE’ was AIR CONDITIONED to celebrate in the RE-OPENING of the newly remodeled Bikram YOGA EL PASEO Studio!

|   Comments Off on “OM SWEET OM” Gratitude Open House was a huge success thanks to the resilient Yogis who left their air conditioned homes to come out in the RECORD heat to the “HOT ROOM” that ‘SURPRISE’ was AIR CONDITIONED to celebrate in the RE-OPENING of the newly remodeled Bikram YOGA EL PASEO Studio!

Special thanks to all of our members and our special guests who joined us to celebrate our rebirth once again!!  We  Welcome the  CommUNITY to come to our sacred space, sweat with us, celebrate with us and join our amazing family!!  NAMASTE`




FREE CLASSES ¬†& ¬†OPEN HOUSE : SUNDAY JUNE 25th!!!! ¬† ¬†We are Proud to announce the opening of our Newly Remodeled Studio – OM Sweet OM ! ¬†OUR GRATITUDE ¬†is ¬†ENDLESS! ¬†Special Thanks to ALL of our supportive, ¬†patient Yogis!!! ¬†Please join us for Complimentary Classes: ¬†8am and ¬†10am ¬†on¬†Sunday June 25th¬† then come back for our GRATITUDE OPEN HOUSE: ¬†¬†5pm-7pm ¬†to see our new digs, bask in our Gratitude , ¬†and socialize with the Yogis¬†(because 15 min before and after class is just not enough!) ¬†Help us Christen our New studio with your sweat then share in the libations and h’ordeuves. ¬†IF YOU CAN’T MAKE THE CLASS YOU ARE STILL WELCOME TO COME TO THE PARTY!!¬†IMG_4421