73890 El Paseo, St R6-7 Palm Desert, CA 92260
(760) 776-1440. Classes 7 days a week.


“After 5 months of regular Bikram Yoga practice, I’ve never felt better! The teachers here are very supportive and help you to get better with each class. I’m in my 60s and have never felt more limber and relaxed.Practicing at Bikram Yoga Palm Desert has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my old bones.”
-Joanne C., February 2012


“I just did my first bikram class under the new ownership here and I can’t say enough how impressed I am with Ann Marie and the changes she is bringing to this studio.  This is a woman who knows what a Bikram class should be – hot but too much so, and with just enough humidity to make you break a nice sweat without feeling fatigued as I do at so many other studios.  Her voice is soothing and calm and her dialog transitions beautifully from one posture to the next.  There is a very zen like feeling to her class and I came out of there on such a high!  The added bonus was the chilled lavender infused towels she handed us at the end of the class.  What a nice touch!  I can’t wait to bring friends and family back to this studio and to spread the word.  Many changes will be forthcoming as well including showers, and a remodel and I am proud to call this studio my home for yoga practice!  I can’t say enough about it and look forward to many years of bikram here.
 -“Michelle P.  Rancho Mirage , CA   August 5 , 2012


“My relationship with bikram yoga is similar to other’s in that it was I desperately needed in my life at the time when I discovered it, and subsequently it completely affected me in a drastic way. In 2004, I was on summer break following my second year of college and I was emotional mess, depressed, and having horrible panic attacks. I couldn’t get more than an hour of sleep a night. My mother had been going to a local herbal shop and while talking to the owner, a student of BYPD, he recommended I give bikram yoga a shot, hoping that it could possibly help me. Steven taught my first class and in all honestly, I thought I was dying, and I ended up leaving the room a few times to try and compose myself, but for some reason I kept coming back in, determined to finish out the entire hour and a half. When class finished I went outside and felt like I could breath clearly for the first time in a while. I felt calm and relaxed, and was able to sleep that night. I kept coming back the rest of that summer, until I had to go back to college, and then continued my practice in Los Angeles. I have since visited the desert for extended periods of time and even moved back for a while. I regularly attended classes at BYPD during these times. In my heart, I feel this is my home studio no matter where I’m living.

This is by far the best bikram yoga I have been to. The owners are wonderful people and genuinely make you feel super welcome, and like you are part of a family. Denise has a genuine charisma and authenticity, and I never felt like she was trying to be nice just to get my return business (unlike other local places I’ve been to). I’ve been to a lot of other bikram yoga studios and it’s common to feel lost in the shuffle of the bigger ones. I always felt like I was given proper attention. Bikram yoga can be tricky and it’s important for me to feel like I’m getting something out of every class I go to, and I feel that when I’m at this studio. There are of course, other fancier and larger studios, but I really don’t feel those are important things. I believe that Yoga is meant to be done is an intimate and comfortable setting, led by knowledgable and caring instructors like the ones at this studio.

If you’re considering giving bikram yoga a shot, I say come to this studio! I hear people say they’re not flexible enough, but that’s not the point. And plus you couldn’t be any worse than I was my first class 🙂

My love for this studio, as well as Denise and Damon is profound. When I look back and remember the person I was when I walked in, I can say with complete certainty, that stumbling upon this studio has changed my life for the better.”
-Evelina R., Los Angeles, CA. July 2012


“I’ve really, honestly never have taken a yoga class before Bikram here; I figured it would help me gain some more flexibility after years just running.

I was really impressed by how helpful all of the teachers are, and how challenging but do-able Bikram is. The studio is also great; many people are sweating, yet like a miracle, there is no stink! The teachers are also very aware when the back door needs to be open a bit, and when you need some help.

After a few weeks of going, I noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility, and I feel great! I’ve taken some classes with Denise and Justin, and I highly recommend both teachers. They are nice, but always pushing you to do better.

Definitely worth a try if you are new to Bikram, or an old pro!”
-Sunday A., Palm Desert, CA. July 2011


“I came here as a visitor while in town to spend time with family. I’m so glad I dropped in! $10 drop-in rate can’t be beat anywhere! This is definitely a deal 🙂

The owners/instructors were fabulous here. When I first arrived, the owner was super friendly and made me feel very welcome. On my second drop-in (yes, I liked the place so much that I came in 2 days in a row!) the instructor was probably the best Bikram instructor I’ve ever had. He gave individual attention to the yogis and helped adjust our alignment one-on-one rather than just barking general instructions. This is something I rarely see in a Bikram class, so it was great to get personal attention from an instructor. With his help, the yogis were able to really push themselves towards a deeper flexibility.

But what I really appreciated about this studio was the really personal feel among the yogis and the instructors. You can tell these people have been practicing and growing together. I’ve never felt such a friendly sense of community at a yoga studio before.

I will definitely return for another drop-in session next time I visit the area. If I lived out here, I’d definitely be a regular at this studio!”
-Bella C, Long Beach, CA. July 2011


“I have been attending bikram for 18 months now and am loving it. This is monumental for someone who has not ever gone on a regular exercise regimen. and now at 47, I feel limber and better than before.

The teachers tailor their instruction to every single person and gives everyone the chance to improve at their own pace. This is an older studio from one that just opened this year – but these are also the original teachers who have taught most of the bikram yoga teachers in the area. I saw the comment about the owner and that must have been him joking with the girl. Everyone knows each other and jokes around with each other. It’s a family…”
-Rianna Z, Indio, CA. September 2011


“I’ve been to several Bikram yoga studios in Southern CA, and this is totally my favorite! The facility is a perfect size and I love that Native Foods is nearby! As a newbie to this studio, I was glad to hear several of my fellow students talking about how they had enjoyed this studio for years. I’m definitely coming back. :)”
-P.T., Portland, OR. May, 2011


“Bikram Yoga Palm Desert is hot hot hot!!!!!

This is where I took my very first Bikram class back in 2005 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I went to the teacher training in Spring 2007 and taught at this studio for about a year. Its my hometown studio so of course I LOVE IT!

They keep it real real hot, 90mins, 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, the way it was meant to be done. There is a lobby area to check in, a boutique with a cute selection of yoga wear for both men and women, towel and mat rental available, 2 restrooms, and of course the studio room. I’d say they could probably squeeze about 50 people in there (I think thats the most people they’ve had there). Usually class sizes are about 15-25 people so don’t be afraid, they’ll be able to get u in just be sure to arrive early. Denise and Damon are the studio owners/teachers, Stephen and Kim are also teachers and they are the best you could ever have!

Go to Native Foods after for some vegetarian tijuana tacos and a native iced tea mmmmmmmm.”
-Lorraine Lopez, Sydney, Australia. March, 2009